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Landlord Advice from LettingsBU

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Thinking about buying a property to let to students?

Before you commit to buying a property with the intention of letting it to groups of students you need to ensure that the property has the correct permissions in order to do this. The agent selling the property will have this information but for further details please visit Bournemouth Council website.

Have a property to let?

You have confirmed that you have a property with the correct permissions to let to students. You also need to ensure that your property meets all of the current statutory standards as defined by the local authority, details of which can be found here. The LettingsBU team can also advise further on this.

Your next step is to now contact LettingsBU who will be happy to talk you through our products so you can decide which might suit your needs best.

Register with LettingsBU

You’ve met us and like/trust our products; we’ve seen and loved your property. It is now time for LettingsBU to register you and get your property advertised to our 17,000 students. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have a simple registration process and we let your property on a no-let no-fee basis. Time to sit back and let us do the work for you.

Advertising your property

You might hear from other agents that the peak period for student lettings is December to February. However, LettingsBU is in a unique position with links to the Student Union, and having direct access to over 17,000 students, we are able to launch advertising earlier and continue to let properties throughout the year.

Completing the Let

LettingsBU will notify you once we have found a suitable group of students for your property. Depending on which of our products you have registered with we will then contact you with all of the relevant paperwork (through electronic sign-ups) to complete the Let. It’s that easy!

During the letting period

Depending on which of our products you choose, your involvement with the day to day management of the property will vary. However, regardless, our experienced team of Housing Officers are always on hand to offer you any advice or guidance you might need. Please read out landlords guide to students wellbeing. For further information please Contact Us