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Always use a Specialist!

How do you decide who to go to when buying goods and services? Sometimes its obvious because there is only one or two choices, or its habit to go to one supplier or brand loyalty perhaps. Now there is nothing wrong with the proverbial "jack of all trades" but the cliché that they are "Masters of None" must have some foundation in truth. For example, a GP is ok for most medical issues, but sometimes a specialist is needed.

Equally so with property rentals. There are Estate Agents who dabble in lettings, or even do a lot of letting business. There are specialist Letting Agents who don't do Sales - as a rule of thumb, they will probably know more about their business. Letting Agents who specialise in one area of Lettings are rare, but is certainly the case with the BU Letting Service. So if student lettings is your chosen market, it probably pays to work with your local University. Staff will keep up to date with the latest planning and HMO regulations, know the trends with both the national student housing market and how it is applying locally, the impact of changes to local supply and demand, and what modern day increasingly demanding students want and expect, particularly in the era of £9,000 pa Tuition Fees.

The days of tatty old housing with swirly 1950's carpets and charity shop furniture are long gone. Any housing like this is likely to be hard, if not impossible, to let. Today its clean and bright decorations, modern kitchens, bathrooms with showers and modern Ikea furniture (other brands are available!).

So if you think in terms of your investment being worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, and generating income of tens of thousands, maybe its worth using a Specialist.

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